React Native 📱 upgrade bundle

Upgrade your React Native version and unblock the release process for your mobile app

What is React Native upgrade bundle?

Google Play announced in March 2023 the updated target Android SDK API level requirements that developers would have to meet starting August 31 to publish a new app or an app update in the Play store.

As a result, the API target level 33 will soon be required for all apps uploaded to Google Play Store.

If your React Native version is:

  • Older than React Native 0.69: Your app won’t be visible for Android phones, and you won’t be able to update your app without upgrading React Native to 0.71+ first
  • React Native 0.70: newest Android phones (Android 13+) won’t see your app, and you won’t be able to update your app. Other devices will still see your app for a year

How does the service work?

It’s a one-off fixed fee type of service. Here’s the process:

1 day

Review your app

We review your app to understand where you're and to provide a quote.

Mobile App Audit

Service Quotation

Upgrade Plan

Is the React Native upgrade bundle for you?

React Native Upgrade Package is directed to organizations that struggle with technical debt due to a lack of expertise or capacity within their team. Our engineers performed hundreds of React Native upgrades throughout the years.

They can support your team by conducting the update and allowing your organization to focus on its priorities without a drop in its development pace.

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